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A number of financing companies have made it their business to rent certain products such as air conditioners and furnaces to homeowners and to put a lien called a “Notice of Security Interest” on the homeowner’s property.

The difficulty arises when the homeowner tries to renew or refinance their mortgage or to sell their property.

This is usually when the homeowner discovers that in order to sell, renew, or refinance, they need to “buyout” their contract, which can often cost tens of thousands of dollars for a simple furnace or air conditioner.

There are several ways to solve this. First, you can negotiate with the financing company to pay less than they are asking in exchange for them removing their Notice of Security Interest so that you can deal with your property. Second, you can pay them the full amount they are requesting and then sue them to collect your money back.

This second option was employed by Iosef Balagula, a homeowner in Ontario who paid $17,334.09 to buyout a contract for a carbon filter and air conditioner. When Mr. Balagula tried to sell his home, he found out that there were two Notices of Security Interest on his property that he needed to deal with before selling his property. Mr. Balagula then paid the steep fee of $17,334.09 so that he could sell his property.

After the property had been sold, Mr. Balagula then sued the financing company in Small Claims Court to recover the money that he had paid them. He won in Small Claims Court.

The financing company then appealed the decision to the Divisional Court, but the financing company lost the appeal with the Divisional Court ordering that the financing company had to repay Mr. Balagula $17,334.09.

In deciding this case, the judge determined that the term of the contract that provided that Mr. Balagula had to buyout the contract if he sold his property was onerous and had not been brought to Mr. Balagula’s attention as required.

Click here to read the Divisional Court’s decision.

Our firm is proud to represent homeowners in these disputes. To discuss your options, give us a call today at (647) 360-7147.

Unfortunately, it is common for door-to-door HVAC salesman to tell homeowners that they will save money because of rebates. Some homeowners have been told that there will be no charge at all for the products. The homeowners are then furious when they see new charges on their Enbridge bill.

Our firm has proudly represented over 50 people in HVAC disputes and would be happy to see how we can help you. Contact us today at (647) 360-7147.

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Fantastic work by Mr. Powell and his team. Referred them a litigation matter and they were able to get great results in a short window of time. They provide undivided attention to your matter.

– Khesrau Ahmadi, Toronto

We hired Powell Litigation to help us with a condo dispute. Weston was absolutely fantastic. He is extremely knowledgeable, eager, and trustworthy. He helped us to understand the legal nuances of our case and our options moving forward. We recommend Powell Litigation in the strongest possible terms and will trust him with our business going forward!

– Lesley Thornton-Cronin, Toronto

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What Our Clients Say:

I contacted Powell Litigation for some legal assistance concerning my business and immediately felt very comfortable and knew I was in the right place.

Mr. Powell’s communication and responsiveness were beyond my expectations throughout the process; he was clear, intelligent and honest with a real understanding of my concerns. He was always accessible, listened intently and answered all my questions directly, offering both highly professional advice and recommendations.

When my case went to court, is when I saw Mr. Powell’s true skill and brilliance at work.

He handled the proceedings with the highest degree of professionalism, achieving an outcome in my favor and a monetary result higher than I could have ever expected.

Mr. Powell’s passion for his work is definitely clear. He is knowledgeable, efficient and extremely attentive to detail which makes him very pleasant to work with. Weston Was instrumental in winning my case and I am extremely fortunate to have found him. I would without hesitation and wholeheartedly recommend working with him to my friends and colleagues, knowing they would be in strong capable hands with an attorney who truly cares.

Thank you does not seem like enough for what Weston did for me.

– J.O., Richmond Hill

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